(Feeder feeding) Automatic Die-cutting & Stripping Machine

(Feeder feeding) Automatic Die-cutting & Stripping Machine

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01 Optional Torque Limiter:Customers can choose to install imported torque limiters to ensure the safety of the machine, reduce the damage to the machine and improve the service life of the machine.

02 Optional servo control feeding system can feed paper in two ways:The paper feeding department is more precise by servo control, which fundamentally improves the accuracy and quality of the machine. More importantly, according to the thickness of the paper, we can freely switch the two different paper-feeding methods of continuous feeding and single sheet feeding, which can solve the feeding problem of the five layers of thick corrugated paper.

03 Optional Synchronized Belt Drive:Customers can choose high-level models with synchronous belt drive, eliminating chain drive, reducing the chatter and noise caused by chain stretching, and fundamentally improving the accuracy and life of the machine.

04 Stripping part:By the one-time stripping system, all irrelative paper scrapes and waste edges (except the held margins) can be stripped in die-cutting.The up, down and middle die cam tri-link transmission system is stable, harmonious, and correct for high power and fast loading, unloading and calibrating. The stripping frame is pneumatically lifted with a centering unit, and it can be operated easily to shorten the preparation time.The preliminarily loading platform is equipped with a centering unit to facilitate the mounting of stripping plate.The stripping process is reasonably designed to eliminate the defect of low speed and plate deviating during stripping.

05 Feeder:the feeder adopts the European technology with four suckers and five blowers. The suckers are adjustable to ensure the steady conveying of different type and shape of paper without stopping the machine. The easy to be adjusted functions can do thin and thick paper for an accurate convey.


Max. Paper Size1320×960mm
Min. Paper Size450×400mm
Max. Cutting Size1300×940mm
Max. Pressure340T
Sheet Thickness白板纸 (Cardboard)200-2000g/m² 瓦楞纸 (Corrugated board)<8mm (max.thickness)
Max.Cutting Speed6000sheets/h
Max. Stripping Speed5500sheets/h
Die-cutting Precision±0.15mm
Max. Feeding Pile Height1650mm
Max. Delivery Pile Height1500mm
Total Power27kw
Overall Dimension8600×4530×2920mm
Air Requirements(Buyer provide)0.8Mpa, > 0.36m3 /min