Automatic Window Patching Machine

Automatic Window Patching Machine

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02 Man-machine interface: This machine uses a 7-inch touch screen display and a host computer (PLC) to digitally adjust the film length and count.

02 Servo paper feed:The paper feeding unit is driven by a 1.5 kW servo motor to ensure high speed stability of the paper feed. 

03 Pushing the position:The most common push position in the world is adopted to ensure the fitting accuracy.

04 Hob slit film:Use a rotating hob to accurately divide the entire roll of film to the required length.


Max. Paper Size760×650mm
Min. Paper Size100×100mm
Max. film Size460×380mm
Min. film Size40×20mm
Film Sheet Thickness0.03-0.3mm
Max. Working Speed13000s/h( 切角 4500s/h)
Corrugated Paper≤ 5mm
Total Power8Kw
Total Weight2700kg
Overall Dimensions4800×1405×1520mm
Overall Dimensions(When the roller is pulled out)4800×2100×1520mm