JIGUO MYP-880Fast Auto High Speed Die Cut & Strip Machine

JIGUO MYP-880Fast Auto High Speed Die Cut & Strip Machine

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Speed Over 10000 Sheets/Hour, We Are The Industry Leader With Innovative Technology

01 Transmission Section: The German machine usually adopts the gear type synchronous belt drive, and the Japanese machine usually uses the main chain drive.This design adopts the advanced technology of the tooth type synchronous belt, which is synchronized with the high grade German model. Compare with chain design, performance has been greatly improved.Noise reduction is the essential function of the high end type, with the gear type synchronous belt drive, stable, safe, no noise and long life.It avoids the defects that are easy to vibrate and stretch when the chain is used.

02 Electronic Control System: All the electrical appliances used by the machine are imported brands, including programmable controller and photoelectric eye switch of Japan OMRON, thermal relay and AC contactor of Schneider brand in France, and frequency converter of Toshiba Japan. The electrical components of a famous international brand can guarantee the performance and life of the machine.

03 Independent oil temperature air: conditioning system:It can help the internal temperature of the machine keep in a precise and controllable range, keep the lubricating oil in good condition, reduce the mechanical abrasion and prolong the life of the machine.

04 Optional Tool Template Library:The technology of tool template library is patented technology owned by Jiguo Company. It helps operators to change template easily. It can greatly improve the time of changing template, reduce the labor intensity, and increase the output and efficiency of equipment.

05 Electric Non-stop paper delivery function: Change from Manual Mechanical Non-stop paper delivery device to Automatic Electric Non-stop paper delivery function. Save time, save labor, save space.


Max. Paper Size880x610mm
Min. Paper Size320x240mm
Max. Diecutting Size860x590mm
Max. Cutting Speed10000s/h
Die-cutting Precision±0.1mm
Max. Pressure250T
Sheet Thickness0.1~4mm
Min. Gripper Edge7mm
Max. Feeding Pile Height1400mm
Max. Delivery Pile Height1100mm
Total Power15kw
Net Weight13T
Overall Dimension6500x3500x2000mm
Air Requirements(Buyer provide)0.8Mpa, > 0.36m3 /min