Zihong ZH-B850PC Folder Gluer

Zihong ZH-B850PC Folder Gluer

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1.Driving by synchronous belt,ensure smooth and accurate running.

2.Inverter driving,stable and power saving.

3.Use electric adjust,easy operate.

4.Automatic continuous feeding,use multiple belt with vibrating motor,(for higher configuration use drilled suction belt),to keep the feeding stable.

5.Automatic counting and kicking,quantity can preset.

6.Conveyer pressure adjustable according to the box to ensure best quality.


The automatic adhesive box unit consists of a paper supply part, a glue-coated folding part and a counting and stacking part.Digital display speed regulation, microcomputer amplitude modulation, with simple and quick control mode, automatic paper supply, automatic gluing and folding, automatic counting, automatic stacking output, the average speed of adhesive box 150 pieces/min, speed 220 pieces/min, fast efficiency and labor saving is our pursuit.


ModelZH-B850PC Folder Gluer